Sunday, October 17, 2021

FontSlab V .014

 Author: Skinnyhouse

In menu:  Filters → Custom Font Tools → Font Slab v0.14-tab... 
FontSlab version 0.014-tab is the tabbed version of FontSlab; a plug-in for manipulating a line of text along a single path using either custom or normal fonts.

This version addresses the issue of using Gimp with long dialogs and is available, thanks to the work of MareroQ, making the Gimpfu3 interface accessible in FontSlab.

The tabbed version organizes the options into 3 sections to allow the used to focus more on the task in hand.

Fonts & Colours:

Size & Spacing:

Rotate, Repeat, Reversal

Images by Skinnyhouse

There is a set of guides available on GimpChat that can be accessed from the options on the 4th tab of the FontSlab dialog.
 Resources for all guide (27 Mb)
  • Bottom_Oval_Path
  • bowed_path
  • horseshoe_path
  • loopy-path
  • Spirangle_path
  • Straight path
  • Top_Oval_Path
  • WindingPath

  • Argos_George_Canary_LettersOnly.xcf
  • Chunky_Soft_RaysLettersOnly.xcf
  • Copasetic_GoldStrap.xcf
  • Immortal_Taped_Letters_Only.xcf
  • Kerfuffle_Interlock_Letters_Only.xcf


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