Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Decorate WAP

 Decorate WAP

( MrQ Decorate

Author: MareroQ

In menu: Filters → Decor → Decorate W.A.P... 

Plugin for creating decorations on the active layer.


Codes used:

- preview by fu_preview (modificed gimpfu) by Claude Lion [aka cli345] here.

- gegl_command by Kevin Payne & Claude Lion [cli345]: here


Inspired by :

Fast Mask v.02 by Graechan & Beautify by Hejian 


The filter uses two simple algorithms:

1. For Overlay - scales the selected image to the size active layer , removes the white color and overlays the active layer.
2. For Mask - scales the selected image to the size active layer and creates a mask from the selected image (where white = visible underneath, black = invisible/removed from the image).

'Filling under the Mask' only has a few options - because you can choose whatever you want (apply any filter on BG in addition).
In order for the plug-in to create a list for 'Select Image', you must put the images in a home directory .../plug-ins/Decorate.
When the "Decorate" directory does not exist it will be created.

However, when it is empty, you will receive a message:

 All images placed in the directory will be displayed as a list:


It can be used to create frames, but it all depends on Your imagination and resources (only a few pictures attached - however, you can easily find the right one on the internet, a little here as well)


Some examples:



- added option to load a file from outside the 'Decorate' directory. If this function is active it takes precedence over 'Select Picture',
- by default, 'Preview' is disabled at startup.


Please direct Your complaints, wishes, comments to GimpChat here.

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