Thursday, August 5, 2021

BorderBox Ver.1.5

 MrQ BorderBox.

Author: MareroQ
Preview: Claude Lion [cli345],
Tabs: J.F. Garcia [arakne].


It creates frames with very different decorations.
The frame is created using paths (which can be used for additional decoration).
Uses additional interactive effects (invoking the plug-in with a preview of changing selected parameters).

The missing plugins (apply-canvas.exe, bump-map.exe, cubism.exe, engrave.exe, felimage-noise.exe, mosaic.exe, noise-generator.exe, noise-spread.exe, pixelize.exe, video.exe, voronoi.exe) from GIMP 2.8.22 work fine in GIMP 2.10 & Windows10_64bit and can be downloaded from this page or searched on GimpChat.

In menu: Filters → Decor → BorderBox...
Older versions and comment on GimpChat.

Ver. 1.1

- bug fix (for FG/BG colors)
- added option:
  1. Create a frame on the layer. 
     (now - Apply as: On a layer, Add to layer, Add to layer & Scale to original size).
  2. Create a shadow for the frame (Gegl Drop Shadow).
  3. Perspective frame (experimental - many functions are excluded!) in accordance with the Tin Tran    code.
  4. Select the frame layer mode opacity.

 Ver. 1.2

1. Change in layout "Frames".
2. Bug fix:
 - for Perspective frame - replace for Additional Effec (???) to Frame Fill (!!!),
 - for Apply as: On a layer(without Fill Underlay -> now with this option),
 - from Gegl Drop Shadow: - add Grow Shape: " Square "," Circle ", " Diamond ", create this effect for single layer.
Example Underlay Fill for Perspective

Ver. 1.3


 - from Gegl Drop Shadow: add to: " No "," To Border ", " To Passe-Partout ", " To Both  "
 - bug fix: for Perspective & Path

Ver. 1.4
- Add Tab 'Round Corners' by code Markku Koppinen "" (code embedded - does not conflict with the original version). More information about  'Round Corners' here,
 - Add use 'Corner Type': for 'Gradients' & 'Patterns',
 - Add for Fill Passe-Partout: 'Patterns-desaturate'.

Ver. 1.5


 - Add "BLURRED" for Underlay -> Fill,
 - Add Tab "Distress",
 - Add select colors for Stroke.

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