Friday, July 9, 2021

Unicode_to_shape_Map Ver.1.0 (Win)

 Unicode to shape: Map

Claude Lion
[aka: cli345] - Preview engine: here: "fu_preview_v 0.1.1".


In menu: Filters/Unicode to shape/UNICODE Map...

Unfortunately, only for systems that support UNICODE correctly.

The most important changes in this version:
- New version of this plugin adds preview thanks to cli345,
- add "Tiles" for repat,
- added rotational copy (Mura Meister Copies)

For a good "Preview" you just need to set \etc\gimp\2.0\gtkrc

style "gimp-large-preview"
  GimpPreview::size = 512

class "GimpPreview" style "gimp-large-preview"

 (code fu_preview is built in with an additional experimental scrollbar).

Some examples of new possibilities:

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