Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Create Ofn-tartan with preview.

 Create Ofn Tartan. 


Claude Lion [aka: cli345]
Created a preview engine: fu_preview V. 0.1.1 here.

Combine the above codes.


Ver. 0.3 with preview.

 In menu: Filters → Render → Pattern → Create Tartan...

Discussion here:

 Scottish fabric

 Tartan (a.k.a. plaid) cloth in a few easy steps (tutorial)


Download the original version here

This plugin generates tartan patterns. It follows this description on Wikipedia.

Code fu_preview is built in with an additional size & experimental scrollbar.

Ver. 0.3 with preview:

Ver. 0.4 with preview & tabs

 Add tabs to make more clear the interface: PF_TAB and PF_TITLE based by code J.F.Garcia [aka: arakne] (in follow-path5 code: here).


Ver. 0.4 with preview & tabs:


Ver. 0.5 with preview.

PixLab on GimpLearn presented classic Tartan-MacLeod-of-Lewis.

Requires precise width and color:

color1(16 px)= black 101010
color2( 4 px)= golden poppy E8C000
color3(32 px)= black 101010
color4(48 px)= golden poppy E8C000
color5( 4 px)= freedom red C80000
In fact = 104 px.

Previous versions it only allowed to create a certain initial size width=100 px (square seamless pattern=200 px).
The limit to 256 px has been changed (and the end width of the square seamless pattern is 2*the maximum size of the "End" item).


Ver. 0.6 with preview.


Fix the error for odd values: limit the acceptable values of START - END to even values.

Ver. 0.7 with preview.

Fixed: "Fill active layer", removed deprecated procedure (pdb.gimp_image_add_layer pdb.gimp_image_insert_layer)

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