Thursday, July 29, 2021

BoxText Ver.1 & 2.

 MrQ BoxText Ver.1.


 Author: MareroQ

Contributors (their codes have been implanted):
Claude Lion [cli345], J.F. Garcia [arakne],
Ofnuts, Tin Tran.

Combine multiple text editing options into one plugin.

 In menu: Filters → Text → BoxText ...

 More information here. (GimpChat)


 MrQ BoxText Ver.2.



 add Style for Gegl Long Shadow,

add Tab "Bend",
add Miter Limit & Shape Rendering for Stroke Line.

Note for Bend.

Very, very experimental. You will often get an error:

Limit the use (don't use) of other Transformations and change font size and distance.
You can also check out the thread on GimpChat here.

Note for Stroke Line.

This creates svg files in the "tmp" directory.
You can choose to delete them however entry in 'Document History' you must delete manually (Icon:'Remove the selected entry').

 Cap Style.

Join Style.



Indicates that the shall make appropriate tradeoffs to balance speed, crisp edges and geometric precision, but with geometric precision given more importance than speed and crisp edges.

Indicates that the shall emphasize rendering speed over geometric precision and crisp edges. This option will sometimes cause the to turn off shape anti-aliasing.

Indicates that the shall attempt to emphasize the contrast between clean edges of artwork over rendering speed and geometric precision. To achieve crisp edges, the might turn off anti-aliasing for all lines and curves or possibly just for straight lines which are close to vertical or horizontal. Also, the might adjust line positions and line widths to align edges with device pixels.

Indicates that the shall emphasize geometric precision over speed and crisp edges.

Miter Limit.

The stroke-miterlimit property is used to represent the limit on the ratio of the miter length to the stroke-width, that is used to draw a miter join.
This property is used in situations when the miter extends beyond the thickness of the line.
If this limit specified is exceeded, the ‘miter’ type of the join is converted to ‘bevel’.
This will crop the connecting point perpendicular to the join, instead of a sharp join.
If the miter length divided by the stroke width exceeds the stroke-miterlimit then for the value:

Miter - the join is converted to a bevel;
Miter-clip - the miter is clipped by a line perpendicular to the line bisecting the angle between the two path segments at a distance of half the value of miter length from the intersection of the two path segments.

Information & images from Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)2 here.

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