Thursday, June 17, 2021

Split Tone Rel 1.2 (with preview)

 Split Tone with preview.

 Author: Tin Tran

In Menu: Colors ➤ Split tone...

Effect where you can have a cretin colour for highlights and another for shadows.

This plugin is a combination of codes and idea based by code:

- Tin Tran here:

- Claude Lion [aka: cli345] Preview engine: here: "fu_preview_v 0.1.1".

- MareroQ: Combine the above codes. 


Two methods to increase the "Preview":

I. Programmable (don't use this for Version 1.2 ):

Edit gtkrc [... etc\gimp\2.0\gtkrc]

Replace the following lines:

style "gimp-big-preview"
      GimpPreview :: size = 256

# class "GimpPreview" style "gimp-large-preview"

replace for it:

     style "gimp-big-preview"
      GimpPreview :: size = 512

"GimpPreview" "gimp-large-preview" style class

II. Manually:

1. Disable preview.
2. Drag the corner.
3. Turn on the preview again. 

New Preview - don't edit gtkrc !!!



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