Friday, June 18, 2021

Adjustment Layers for Gimp-2.10 (with preview)

 Adjustment Layers

Author: Alexander Melcher

Alexander Melchers created nine adjustment layers (similar to Photoshop) using script-fu. :

- Brightness
- Color Overlay
- Desaturate
- Dodge or Burn
- Gradient Fill
- Invert
- Lightness (positive only)
- Pattern Fill
- Solid Color

This plugin is a combination of codes and idea based by code:

- 9 script-fu by Alexander Melcher. Author's website here.

Updated original 9 scripts for Gimp-2.10: 

  - Diego Nassetti [aka: dinasset] look here,

 -  & MareroQ (merging into one file).

- Claude Lion [aka: cli345] Preview engine: here: "fu_preview_v 0.1.1".

- MareroQ: Combine the above codes for Python.

Adjustment_layer with requires installation Adjustment-layer-Gimp-2.10.scm and for non-English version of Gimp - also requires some gradients.

In this version the plugin only works for RGBA and GRAYA images (when RGB or GRAY images don't have alpha channel - You have to add it before running the plugin!) 

Two methods to increase the "Preview" look here.

Register script-fu:

Register python-fu:


Example Burn or Doge:


Example Gradient Fill:

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