Thursday, November 26, 2020

Resynthesizer 1.0.1 Win64bit

 Resynthesizer 1.0.1 GIMP Plugin Suite

2000-2008  Paul Francis Harrison
2002 Laurent Despeyroux
2002 David Rodríguez García
2010-2018  Lloyd Konneker <>

Source code (on 6 Sep 2011) here.

 This popular plugin can be downloaded from many places (eg.: compiled by Samj: here).

 So it cannot be missed also on

This package is a set of plugins for use with the Gimp program.
The package includes:

- resynthesizer plugin engine (without a GUI)
- resynthesizer-gui plugin control panel for the engine
- various plugins (in Python language) that call the resynthesizer engine.


 Resynthesizer.exe & resynthesizer-gui.exe

In menu: Map > Resynthesize...   
A control panel.  The hardest to understand, but the most powerful.  
Displays every control of the Resynthesizer engine.  Here, you can experiment with other uses of the algorithm.


The other plugins are simplified, special uses of this plugin:


In menu: Enhance > Heal selection...  
Retouch. Like the heal tool, but automatic. Replaces the selection to look like its surroundings.  Probably the most popular and useful.


In menu: Enhance > Heal transparency...  
Like above, but you don't need to select anything, it heals every transparent pixel.


In menu: Enhance > Uncrop...  
Makes the canvas larger and heals the new transparent border. Not exactly the inverse of cropping, but almost: reconstructs what might have been cropped earlier.


In menu: Enhance > Sharpen by synthesis...
A variant of sharpening that might give more plausible detail.


In menu: Enhance > Enlarge & sharpen...  
Enlarge (increase the resolution) and sharpen. Might restore more plausible detail than simple scaling up and using other sharpens.


In menu: Map > Style...  
Transfer the 'style' of one image to another.


In menu: Render > Texture...
Creates a new image having the texture from another image. In other words, a seamless, irregular wallpaper (if the source image is smaller.)  
(You can also use Map>Resynthesize to create tiles, and then you can create a regular but seamless pattern.)


In menu: Edit > Fill with pattern seamless...
Somewhat similar to Render > Texture. Fills with an irregular pattern from another image. From RobA.


Compiled for Gimp-2.10.22 Win10_64bit: MareroQ


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